Enitiy Removal

I am an experienced Buddhist Exorcist and have removed negative spiritual attachments from many people and places over the years.

The technique I use is gentle and nothing like you see in the films, so don't worry! 

This usually takes about 90 minutes and  would cost £80.00

Home or workplace healing session

If you feel uncomfortable in your own home, or have struggled to sell your house because it does not have a good vibe, I can clear your house of negitive energies.


If your business is not doing as well as it should be or your staff have low morale  I can clear your workplace in a similar way.


Both usually take about 90 minutes and  would cost £65.


Buddhist Blessings

In my time as a Buddhist Priest I have blessed cars, planes, houses and gardens. So whatever the need, why not try a Buddhist Blessing.

Costs start from £35.

Buddhist Cleansing Session

Treat yourself to a traditional Buddhist cleansing ceremony which will leave you feeling ready to face the world in a positive light.

Time  30-45 minutes, cost is £45.

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