Individual Development Programmes

I have created a list of programmes that can help life flow smoother.

These are individual sessions which run over a number of weeks.

Dextox Therapy Programme 

I specialise in working with men and women who have had or are experiencing addiction in their lives.

Whether to drugs, sex, alcohol, gambling or phone. My holistic approach combines healing, mindset and coaching to shift them from the pattern of addiction into brighter days.

1-6 sessions at £60 per visit approx 75 minutes a time.

Emotional Release Therapy Programme

We all have our dark days, our dark nights and dark times can put us into a stage of rage, anger, despair, and if nor dealt with it can be a destructive force in our life.

In this therapy programme I use a number of techniques to lift my clients out of that darkness and loosen the emotions that are embedded deep down.

1-6 sessions at £60 per visit approx 75 minutes a time.

Communication Programme

If you find it hard to communicate important issues or feelings with loved ones or colleagues; this programme will help you to be able to say what is on your mind in a non-threatening way.  This programmes is tailor made to your situation.

Programmes run for 1-6  sessions, at a cost of £60 per session.

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